Lesson plans and Assemblies

Lesson Plans and Assemblies

Our lesson plans are designed to meet the requirements of the Hertfordshire syllabus for Religious Education. You can download the lesson plans by clicking on the link below. If you’d like to book our team to deliver a lesson at your school please contact

If we are able to visit your school in person

Lesson Plans and Resources for Autumn 2021

Key StageTitleLesson PlanLesson MaterialsDuration
CreationWST KS1 Creation PP 2021
Creation Worksheet
1 hour
HarvestWST KS1 Harvest PP 2021
Harvest plate worksheet
1 hour
UKS2The Ten Commandments Lesson face to faceTen CommandmentsPowerPoint 2020
POSTER 10 commandments
DRAW 10 commandments
1 hour
KS1The Christmas Story The Christmas StoryNativity-word-bank

Story Board

Stable worksheet
1 hour
Lower KS2The Gifts of the Wise MenChristmas - The gifts of the wise men 2020Wise men Worksheet
1 hour
Upper KS2Christmas Workshop including the significance of the incarnation Christmas workshop 2020 POSTER Christmas Advert
PROPHESIES crossword
1 hour

All other Lesson Plans

Home LearningLesson PlanLesson MaterialsDuration
KS2Psalm 23WST year 4 lesson Psalm 23 home learning1 hour
KS1The Lost SheepWST year 1 lesson Lost Sheep home learning1 hour
Reflection and Prayer SpaceActivity Sheet PS activity sheet
Key StageTitleLesson PlanLesson MaterialsDuration
KS1David & GoliathPPKS1DavidandGoliath1 hour
KS1Daniel in the lion's denPPKS1BibleDanielandlions1 hour
KS1CreationWSTLPKS1Creationpp1 hour
KS1HarvestWSTLPKS1Harvest1 hour
KS1Easter storyKS1 Easter lesson planPPTEasteryr21 hour
KS1Christmas Story KS1 Christmas StoryPPT CHRISTMASwithout video

KS1 Christmas Story Video

The Christmas Nativity story

KS1 year 2 Christmas worksheet
1 hour
LKS2The parable of the lost sonKS2 The lost sonKS2 The lost son1 hour
LKS2The healing of the ten lepersKS2 The ten lepersWSTPPLKS2LifeofJesusTenLepers.docx1 hour
LKS2The parable of the good samaritanKS2 The good samaritanPPTGood_Samaritan1 hour
LKS2ZacchaeusWSTLKS2PPLifeofJesus-Zacchaeus20191 hour
LKS2The last supperKS2 The last supperWSTPPLKS2EasterLastsupperyear41 hour
LKS2Christingle workshopChristingle1 hour
LKS2Gifts at ChristmasLKS2 Christmas - The gifts of the wise menLKS2 Gifts from the wise men1 hour
UKS2Christmas workshop UKS2 Christmas workshopPP Y6 Christmas Incarnation workshop 2019

UKS2 POSTER worksheet

90 minutes
UKS2The significance of salvationUKS2 SalvationPP yr 6 Relevance of Jesus 202090 minutes
UKS2The Ten CommandmentsUKS2 Ten commandments LPUKS2 Ten Commandments PP
Worksheet 1 Draw
Worksheet 2 Poster
1 hour

Pre recorded lesson Plans and Resources

Key StageTitleOnline Video LessonLesson PlanLesson MaterialsDuration
aimed at KS2 to go with the lesson on Psalm 23 shown below'The Bible' AssemblyClick here to watchBible assembly plan
Lower KS2Psalm 23Click here to watchPsalm 23Psalm 23 Worksheet
Key Stage 1The Lost SheepClick here to watchThe Lost SheepThe Lost Sheep Worksheet
Key StageTitleOnline Video LessonLesson PlanLesson MaterialsDuration
Year 6Easter Workshop Why Easter?Click here to watch Easter workshop lesson planT shirt worksheet20 mins video
Y5 (Upper KS2)Holy WeekClick here to watchVideo Lesson Plan Holy WeekEvents of Holy Week 16 mins video
Lower KS2The Last SupperClick here to watchThe Last SupperKeyhole Worksheet17 mins video
KS1   but suitable for other year groups too Palm SundayClick here to watchPalm SundayPalm Sunday worksheet10 mins video
KS1   but suitable for other year groups too The Easter StoryClick here to watchEaster StoryEaster worksheet happy-sad moment11 mins video
Year 4 (lower KS2)CommunionClick here to watchCommunionCommunion Worksheet10 mins video
Key Stage 1 and 2Pancake Day/LentClick here to watchHome Learning sheet Lent -pancake day KS2
Home Learning sheet Lent -pancake day KS1
8 mins video
SPECIAL PLACESSpecial places - home learning sheet
Key Stage 1TitleOnline Video LessonsLesson PlanLesson MaterialsDuration
1. Different Places of Worship Click here to watchDifferent places of worship5 mins video
2. The External Features of a ChurchClick here to watchchurches-external features5 mins video
3. Inside a Church Click here to watchInside a Church5 mins video
4. Why do people go to Church ?Click here to watchWhy Christians go to church?Church outline worksheet5 mins video
5. Stained Glass WindowsClick here to watchStained-glass windowsStained-glass windows template5 mins video
Lower KS2TitleOnline Video LessonsLesson PlanLesson MaterialsDuration
Introduction To JesusWho is Jesus? Who is Jesus?12 mins video
Jesus Heals 10 men with LeprosyClick here to watch Jesus healing 10 lepersHome Learning Sheet Healing of the 10 Men12 mins video
The Good SamaritanClick here to watchThe Good Samaritan14 mins video
The Parable of the Prodigal Sonsee the home learning sheetHome Learning Sheet - The Prodigal Son
Zacchaeussee the home learning sheetHome Learning Sheet - Zacchaeus
Key StageTitleOnline Video LessonsLesson PlanLesson MaterialsDuration
KS1The Christmas StoryClick here to watch The Christmas Story online
Story Board Worksheet
Example of Story Board Worksheet
Stable Drawing Worksheet
16 mins video
KS2Gifts at ChristmasClick here to watchGifts of the Wise men Online Wise men Worksheet

16 mins video
KS1 and KS2ChristingleClick here to watchChristingle worksheet10 mins video
Upper KS2
Christmas Workshop The Significance of the IncarnationClick here to watch Christmas workshop online KS2 Prophesies worksheet20 mins video
Key StageTitleOnline Video LessonsLesson PlanLesson MaterialsDuration
Online Lesson
Click here to watchHarvest online Harvest plate worksheet21 min video
Online Lesson
Click here to watchCreation Online Creation Worksheet15 mins video
Upper KS2The Ten Commandments
Online Lesson
Click here to watch Ten Commandments OnlinePOSTER 10 commandments
DRAW 10 commandments
25 mins video

Pre-Recorded Assemblies

Key StageTitleOnline Video AssemblyDuration
KS2Pentecost Assembly - video plan Click here to watch10 mins
KS2The Bible AssemblyClick here to watch10 mins
Primary A 'Surprising Easter' AssemblyClick here to watch12 mins
PrimaryLove AssemblyClick here to watchabout 5 mins
Primary Pancake AssemblyClick here to watchabout 8 mins
KS2Rubbish Thoughts AssemblyClick here to watchabout 10 mins
Online Assembly
Click here to watch about 20 mins
PrimaryChristingleClick here to watchAbout 10 mins
KS2AdventClick here to watchAbout 10 mins

Its’s Your Move – Summer Term Y6

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