It’s your move

It’s Your Move 2021  for Year 6

‘It’s Your Move ‘ workshop video made by WST

It's Your Move Video Workshop Click here to watch
It's Your Move Worksheet
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IYM worksheet 2021
It's Your Move
Lesson Plan
IYM Lesson Plan

This video workshop is designed to be an interactive, engaging way for you to explore the transition to secondary school with your students. It contains quizzes, challenges, dilemmas, discussion opportunities and is a great way to introduce them to the It’s Your Move booklet.   It will encourage your students to consider the best way to face the challenges ahead of them. 

More About It’s Your Move

Our popular “It’s Your Move” project runs in the second half of the summer term to help year 6 pupils prepare for their move to secondary school.

As part of the project, pupils are given a great book, also called It’s Your Move, which is often donated by a local church.

The “It’s Your Move” workshops cover an introduction to the book and an opportunity for the children to discuss the changes, challenges and choices they face in their move to secondary school.

“It was a wonderful experience when we learned about secondary school: it really helped my nerves” (Year 6 pupil)

“We carried out some interesting activities, discussions, and were given a useful book all  about the changes we are facing” (Year 6 pupil)

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